May 14, 2017: Day 134 – Psalm 134

Did you catch how the people of God were worshipping in this setting?  They were lifting up their hands to the holy place.  They were standing at night and lifting up their hands to the holy place.  Last night was pretty special.  We had the LMH campus chorale and we had to put out probably 40 chairs in order to fit everyone, I would guess we were close to 300.  It was special, it was Mother’s Day, it was at night, and we were enthralled.  I know that I am biased because my daughter sings in the choir, but I have seen them sing probably more than a dozen times, and this time it was special.  Because it was in our holy place.  They had come to our holy place.  

This Psalm is incredible and it does make me think of this song from Chris Tomlin.

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