May 13, 2017: Day 133 – Psalm 133

This is, again, one of my favorite psalms.  I have used this psalm so many times in ecumenical settings.  Whenever I find myself with people of other denominations it seems easy to say: How good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!  It is easy to say, but it is also something that I say and I mean it.  It is exactly what God requires of us.  God wants us to live together in unity.  I can point to John 17:11 and other verses in chapter 17 where we find that Jesus asks that God would make his disciples one just as God the Father and God the son are one.  We need to be one, all the different denominations across the globe, because what unites us as one is our faith in Jesus Christ.  

The greatest scandal to our faith is the fact that we are divided and those divisions have created wars and produced death and destruction because the disciples of Jesus Christ want to show and prove that they are worshipping Him in the only true way.  There have been plenty of wars between religions, but there have been just as many within Christianity itself.  My approach to our Christian faith is that we are not in competition with each other but rather in competition with Satan.  It is good against evil and Jesus is on the side of good and we are on his side, all of us.

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