March 28, 2017: Day 87 – Psalm 87

I'm listening to this music as I'm writing the Psalm since it is one of my favorite hymns and it is so upbeat.  It is also completely taken from Psalm 87.  Do you see that in vs.3?  See, you probably didn't know that so much of what we know and so much of what we do in church comes directly from the Psalms.  That is especially true in Presbyterian churches since the Psalms have always served such an important role.   I was actually feeling more in the mood for a lament today since: my knee is crazy swollen and no one seems to have any idea why, I dropped my computer and broke the back of it, they replaced our wood insert (for free) and after saying everything was fine I went to start a fire and it rocks back and forth like crazy, and I'm sure there are other reasons for complaining.  Anyway, all of this led me to wanting to hear and read another lament so I could say: I know exactly what you mean! But instead I get this psalm and I still have the hymn in the background (I pressed replay).  That is what the psalms are able to do for you.  They can take you from one stage of mind to another which is much more healthy and reflective of the presence of the Lord in our life.  
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  1. Kathy Eisenhauer says:

    Everyone can use a getaway moment or a song to help them relax and re-charge. Life happens around us whether we like it or not. Thank you Lord for providing these outlets, one of which is the Psalms.

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