March 24, 2016: Day 81 – John 13

There isn't much to say about this Scripture except: just love each other.  That is what the footwashing is all about.  Love each other to the point that you are willing to be a servant to each other.  That's all I need to say this evening.  We had a moving Maundy Thursday service and I am so pleased that John 13 was assigned to us today.  God made it work out so perfectly.  I can think of no more touching scene than after the service we had a time of foot washing.  We all lost it as John Faltin washed the feet of his wife Cheryl.  In this moment in their life when he has just been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, this powerful act reminded us all of what is important in life.  God never ceases to amaze us nor provide us with opportunities for his grace to fill our souls.
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