June 4, 2018: Day 51 – Leviticus 11

So these codes which allow us to see how people kept healthy back in the day, are helpful for us to understand what they were allowed and not allowed to eat.  You can’t really read this  chapter without actually reading Acts 10:9-16.  In these Levitical laws we read what we can eat.  In Acts God says that whatever he has made is actually clean by default.  Nothing on this earth is unclean simply for the fact that God made it.  So as a result we can eat anything which is upon the face of the earth.  I’m grateful for that because I have had ostrich at one time and I absolutely love grilled pork chops.  In the covenant of God that He establishes with us we see that there is a time for when it is effective and helpful, and there is a time when it has run its course.  How do we know that it has run its course?  Simply by the fact that Peter had a dream and that dream is recorded into our Scripture.  This is fairly self-explanatory.  But often we try to say that God’s word has run its course simply because we disagree with it.  That is not a course of action.


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