June 3, 2018: Day 50 – Leviticus 10

So you can actually get it wrong.  If you do get it wrong there is a repercussion which is not insignificant.  As we go through life we get things wrong and as we do, those actions, words, and inactions will have repercussions on us for the rest of our life.  When we live our life we sin, and that sin will have repercussions on us for the rest of our life.  Aaron found this out as he lost two of his sons because they did not obey what the Lord had commanded that they should do.  They were consumed by fire as a result of their sin, as a result of getting it wrong.  We don’t know the motivation of the sons, but can’t we assume that there was some  ill intent?  I have no problem assuming that.

The grace and the mercy of the Lord continues to amaze me, even in the midst of the very harsh realities that faced the people of Israel and that the Lord took upon himself.  The Lord does not hold punches, He takes action.  This does not bother me simply because I know what we all deserve.  None of us deserves anything less than what we get.  We are the clay, the Lord is the potter.  We are the creature, God is the Creator.  So I am okay with what happens at the hand of the Lord, even if it doesn’t seem right, fair, or humane from our perspective.  Not sure if that will attract others, but that is not why I believe what I do.  The Scripture I read points  to that.

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