June 27, 2018: Day 74 – Ezra 7

All of a sudden now we have a transition from the third person which describes what has happened to people directly related to this story, to Ezra who comes into the picture and takes on the first person direct accounting. Ezra is now introduced here and we can follow his genealogy all the way back to Aaron who would have been the originator of the Jewish priestly families.  This was crucial because it solidifies his pedigree and removes any doubt as to the right that he has to be the chosen one of the Lord in regards to setting up a theocratic government during this time.  He is compared to Moses in the role that he now plays.  Notice that the ruler of the land, King Artexerxes, sets up Ezra as the one who has the power to establish justice within the region of Jerusalem and beyond.  What happens is that during the times of Haggai and Zechariah there was one return from captivity and now there is another during the time of Ezra.  The first six chapters dealt with the first return, and now the second return is taking place. So in this chapter through the first 26 verses we have the decree of the King in regards  to Ezra and the people of Israel.  Then starting at vs. 27 we have the input of Ezra himself who gives thanks to God for allowing him to be in the position in  which he is to be able to bring a group of people with him to worship God in the temple.  It almost seems as if the book of Ezra begins now.
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