June 2, 2018: Day 49 – Leviticus 9

So, I need to make a correction to what I posted on the day for Leviticus 7.  That would have been on Day 47.  I opened and read and did a commentary on Deuteronomy 7 by mistake.  I think it was an insightful commentary for the day, but for the wrong book of the Bible.  Okay, that is my mea culpa, now on to Leviticus 9.

So here I am on vacation in Washington State staying at the home of Stacy’s sister.  Here is the view from their deck. 

IMG_3929 Yeah, it is pretty stunning and it certainly is a place that we come to for rest and relaxation.  It is also our anniversary today, 25 years.   What a great life I have been able to live.  No, really, as I look back, I think, what a great life I have been able to live.  But what if the family in which I was born into was very different than the American missionary family that was serving in Lisbon, Portugal when I was born?  But I wasn’t, I was born into this family, married this amazing woman, and have three amazing daughters.

The scene that we find in Leviticus is one where God again commands Aaron to do certain things for the people in order for their relationship to be made right before the Lord.  Consistently we see that it is a family thing and Aaron’s sons are bringing him all that he needs in order to carry out the orders for the Lord.  Almost every paragraph we read that Aaron’s sons brought him this, and brought him that and Aaron did what the Lord required.  As a result of all that happened, the very last verse is powerful.  The people of the Lord were able to see a very visible presence of the Lord.

When you look back over your life can you see a very visible presence of the Lord?  All that I recounted above about my own personal life has allowed me to see the visible presence of the Lord every single day.  I pray that this blog will allow us to continue to see His presence either by fire, or by other blessings.

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