June 14, 2019: Day 48 – Joshua 14

I can't help but favor those chapters that end with the words: "And the land had rest from war."  This is one of those chapters.  Joshua is so filled with instances of war and times when the people of God are following the directives of God which included the complete extermination of the people and the lands which were in the way of them and the promised land that they were promised earlier.  It is interesting that it seems like we are now living in a time which is so much more like the Old Testament than the New Testament.  I can't support any policy or any ideology which brings us closer to war.  If there are Christians who say that God calls us to war, I simply find it hard to support.  Yes, you can point to Joshua and a myriad of other Scripture in the Old Testament, but I would redirect your gaze to our Savior Jesus who had such a different perspective than what we read about in these chapters.  As a result I'm glad when I read: "And the land had rest from war."  
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