July 15, 2019: Day 79 – Judges 21

Did I mention that I have three daughters?  So..., what part of this chapter do you think is appealing to me?  How about...NONE OF IT!!  But don't ever forget the reminder that we get in vs.25.  It is a reminder of why the decision that was made by the other 11 tribes of Israel to allow the Benjaminites to go and kidnap young women who were dancers, or to go and slay all the males of the tribe that did not come up when basically a census was done, in order that these women could be given to the surviving males of the Benajaminites. I hope as you are reading this you are able to put it within the context that this is what happens when the Lord is not directly ruling over you, and, in fact, when no one is directly ruling over you.  Anyone who wishes that there would be no government really doesn't understand what that might mean.  Sure, we get frustrated with our government, but it is still the best rule that is found in the world.  The government that we have in the USA, with the system of checks and balances, cannot be matched by any other country. Now, having said that we are very, very error prone and we do sin as a country.  There is no country that is able to follow all things perfectly.  We, as a country, are far from that.  But we are pretty spectacular, especially when you hold it up to the light of the what was happening in the Wild West, also known as the time of the judges. Well, we are leaving that chaotic time and hopefully we will find ourselves in a time that is a bit more ordered.  Don't count on it.
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