January 6, 2019: Day 36 – Isaiah 32

Isaiah tells us in this chapter that when a righteous king rules over the land then the blind will see (vs.3), the deaf will hear (vs.3), the people will understand (vs.4).  The reign of a righteous king can make a big difference in the day to day lives of the Israelites and everyone will be able to tell who is king at that time.  A relationship with the creator God will beget good, while a person who is trying to figure things out on their own will only beget evil. He then uses from vs.9 to describe the transformation that has taken place from the beginning of his prophecies to now.  At the beginning there were oracles against nations who would be destroyed because they had mistreated the people of Israel.  Now, in these verses, he describes those oracles which portrayed an abused and abandoned woman to a transformational beginning in vs.15 when "a spirit from on high is poured out on us."  You know that when a spirit from on high is poured out on us then good things are going to happen. In fact, the descriptions of what happens next are very celebratory.  The people will be in peace, people will be planting near water sources and we no longer have to worry about our livestock.  The depiction of an idyllic scene for life is powerful.  Again, it does show the difference between what happens when a righteous king is in power and when the ruler turns his/her back on God.  
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