January 27, 2018: Day 33 – Genesis 33

The meeting between Esau and Israel/Jacob takes place.  Now, you wouldn't know it, but Jacob had his name changed last chapter to Israel, but he is still called Jacob in this chapter, and I'm not really sure why.  So, the meeting takes place and as a result Esau has become one of my favorite characters of the Bible.  Sometimes it just amazes me and makes me think that God chose the wrong person to lead his people.  Esau has class.  He greets Jacob and not only does he greet him without malice, but he hugs his neck and offers to leave his men to protect Jacob as he makes his way forward toward Shechem.   As a  result of this meeting Jacob can move forward with his life without having to look over his shoulder any more.  He doesn't have to worry about any day his brother coming to look for him to get vengeance.  This story is over, Esau has forgiven him, Jacob has given him a good bit of his property, and it seems like it does make up for both the birthright and the blessing.  One of my favorite scenes from this story is Esau hugging the neck of Jacob.  What a scene!  Do you see Joseph in the foreground?  This is by Rubens who is my favorite painter in depicting animals.   Peter_Paul_Rubens_185  
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