January 2, 2019: Day 32 – Isaiah 28

This longer chapter begins by speaking out against the Ephraim.  They are portrayed as a drunken nation.  I find it curious that it is not just the random people who are described as drunkards but rather their priests and prophets stagger under strong drink.  As a result of this drunkenness the question arises: "Who will teach knowledge."  Who will pass on the most important lessons from one generation to the next.   The people have made a covenant with death and made an agreement with hell, or the devil as we would like to say.  As a result of this covenant that the people have made with death, God is laying down a cornerstone.  This cornerstone is justice and the people will try to figure things out on their own but they will meet their demise.  As a result of this calamity then people will turn away from their covenant with death, which they will see produces nothing but, well, death.   People will turn back to the Lord as a result of the experiences that they have had in their life where they have made unwise alliances.  I sometimes wonder how long it will take us to see that as we try to make deals with those who are not looking out for our good, that only bad things are produced.  When we turn our lives over to the Lord then we know that we have the assurance and the promise that all things work for good for those who trust in the Lord.  In Isaiah's time, they were still learning this lesson as we are today.  I got a recommendation to include this in this post from someone today.
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