January 18, 2018: Day 24 – Genesis 24

It is pretty clear that Isaac is a momma’s boy, but that is okay, that isn’t a problem.  Abraham realizes that he is old and that the end of his life is about to come to a close, so he commissions one of his servants to go and find a wife for his son.  We read in the last verse of this chapter that Isaac was still very much grieving the death of his mother.  But his marriage helped to soften the blow.  Remember where Abraham is living.  He is in the promised land, Canaan, but he is the only one of God’s people who is in the promised land.  The rest of his family is back in  the land of Ur or Haran from where he began his journey.  

For our 21st century sensibilities it doesn’t seem to make sense that Abraham is looking for his son to marry a relative.  That whole incest thing is a real deal breaker.  Similarly it is difficult to make a connection and say that it is somewhat justified because it is as if it is finding someone of the same race.  No, that doesn’t fly here either because God does not make a distinction between people or races.  There is no problem with marriage between races.  So, for us, where do we find a common line?  I would draw a line in marrying between religions.  I find absolutely no fault in looking for a spouse who holds the same religious beliefs as you do.  I know from premarital counseling that when people are unequally yoked in their belief systems then it will cause real difficulties, especially once kids come around.  So, as a result, looking for a spouse who holds similar religious convictions is not only normal, it is actually wise.

We see that Rebekah is actually Isaac’s first cousin, her father and Abraham are brothers.  The details of how she is found are entertaining, we actually get the story twice.  Once when it happens, and then twice when the servant recounts the story back to Laban, Rebekah’s brother.  Don’t lose sight of Laban, he comes up later on and is an important part of the story of the people of God.

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