January 14, 2017: Day 14 – Psalm 14

As I’m reading through this Psalm I hear the words of Judges ringing in my ear.  If you look at that book you can hear repeated over and over again: “And the people did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.”  When we read that we need to remember that we are talking about the people of God.  These are people who are supposed to be followers of the Creator, the one God.  But the Psalm really seems to point a finger to those outside of the fellowship of believers.

So here is the danger.  We are often in danger in the church of thinking that we are the ones that God favors while those outside of the church…not so much.  But throughout Scripture we see that it is the people of the church, the people of God who are called as those who have little faith, who turn their back on their leaders and seek out other gods, who commit adultery with the wives of their military leaders, who betray their Savior.  How tempting it is for us to call out as this psalmist does against the evildoers around us without seeing the evil in us.

Just wondering if you noticed that we see God is the refuge of the poor.  Jesus isn’t the only one who has a soft spot in his heart and ministry for the poor.  It is consistent within the Trinity.

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2 Responses to January 14, 2017: Day 14 – Psalm 14

  1. Ron Kevern says:

    My former church is likely leaving the Presbytery because of policies they do not like.
    I feel that the church was made to be inclusive nor exclusive. Am I right or wrong?

  2. kcooper says:

    Hey Ron, so great that you were willing to reach out in this forum. Right or wrong…boy that is a question that needs to be put within each person’s context. From my context…you are right. The church was meant to be inclusive. We should not have to check everyone’s card at the door to make sure that they fit into our understanding of what Jesus’ message was. I would guess that those trying to leave the denomination would also argue that they are inclusive, but that a certain line has been crossed which they see as being the last straw in a long list of doctrinal compromises.
    The line I draw in the sand is one based solely on Jesus Christ. If people start messing with Jesus being the only way to eternal life, that is where I say: you know, I don’t believe the same thing that you do. But we will always disagree about “moral” issues, we will always disagree about issues which society and culture bring to our table. I do not draw a line in the sand on any of those issues.
    But your question is about inclusivity vs. exclusivity. I’ve written and spoken much on this topic. Dale Brunner has a great take on it in his article entitle: Is Jesus exclusive or inclusive? Basically, there is only one way to God, through Jesus, but all are welcome through that door. The exclusivity lies merely in the fact that there is an exclusive salvation through Jesus. The inclusivity is that all are welcome to that salvation, all are welcome.

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