January 12, 2018: Day 18 – Genesis 18

Once again we find ourselves with two very different stories that are given to us by this chapter.  The first is the appearance of the three under the oaks of Mamre which has been captured throughout art history as a symbol of the Holy Trinity.  When you walk into any Orthodox Church you will see a depiction of something similar to what you see below and it is supposed to represent the Trinity.


Once again we hear someone in Abraham’s family laughing when told that Abraham and Sarah will have a baby.  Interestingly enough she denies that she laughed when it was obvious that she had.  It seems like it is a fairly common occurrence to deny that which has happened if what has happened will get you into trouble.  But they move on and no harm is done.

Once they move on then God seems to have a debate with himself as to whether he should share with Abraham what is about to happen to the town of Sodom where his nephew Lot now lives.  You see Abraham involved in a wheeling and dealing thinking that maybe, just maybe he can save his nephew Lot from the destruction that is about to come.  

But it is a classic conversation between God and the person who will be carrying out the covenant as God says that why should I hold back from Abraham what I am about to do since he is the one who will be carrying out my will over time.  I need to share everything with him.  We leave the chapter thinking that all Sodom has to do is find 10 righteous people and the city will be saved.  That shouldn’t be a problem…right?

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