February 8, 2017: Day 39 – Psalm 39

In what I do I experience quite often the sudden, unexpected twists and turns of life in the lives of others.  There are those who suffer heart-attacks before they turn 40.  There are those who are looking forward to retirement and then are told that they have inoperable cancer.  There are those who discover they are pregnant long after the family had been planned and set.  We do not know what one day will hold, nor the other.  When you get to vs.4 you hear words that are very familiar: “Lord, let me know the number of my days.”

We find in Revelation the Lord has our days numbered in the book of life.  Again, the metaphorical implication is that at any day our lives could be changed dramatically and even to the point where it will be required of us.  The psalmist asks that he would be reminded of how fleeting his life is.  We need to be reminded of how fleeting our life is.  If you knew that this would be your last 24 hours how would your day change from what you would normally do today?  Who would you reach out to?  Who would you call?  What activities and events would you do?  My basic question is how would you make your life more significant just simply knowing that at any moment your life might be required of you?

The psalmist gives us an opportunity to recognize that we can every single day face the day as if God is going to embrace us and bring us home in vs.7.  What do we wait for?  My hope is in the Lord.  When we are able to hope in the Lord, when we are able to believe that God has our lives in His hand and that each breath and each step that we take are steps with the Lord, then we are able to face every single moment of our life as if it is our last.  For me it really is not a morbid thought.  I want to see Jesus, I want to see my creator, I am looking forward to that day.  But I love this life so much that I am very much happy with the way things are going down here as well.  My motto is: Life is awesome, and then you go to heaven.  Both are great choices and both provide an opportunity to see and do the Lord’s work.  

Remember, any day your life might be required so take advantage of today.

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3 Responses to February 8, 2017: Day 39 – Psalm 39

  1. Kathleen Barge says:

    As I have told many people I literally lost my life the night I lost 7 units of blood. I saw the bright light people talk about but I also felt an overwhelming sense of peace. Obviously my life was saved and I went on to delight in watching my grandchildren grow and have the addition of Olivia after this. I am now looking forward to another blessed grandchild in April. I would not like to have missed any of this but I also long for the light and the sense of peace that met me the day I died.
    Because of this I enjoy each day but have no fear for tomorrow.

  2. Kathy Eisenhauer says:

    I like the thought that we are always able to hope in the Lord. That each breath and each step that we take are steps with the Lord, and that because of this we are able to face every single moment of our life. It makes the journey easier, even through the tough times.

  3. Erica Reinmiller says:

    This song comes to my mind while reading this Psalm: https://youtu.be/ugD0i5Y3cw8

    My hope is in you Lord, all the day long! What a wonderful thought to have all day, every day. Imagine if every little thing that came up during the day, we just put our faith and hope in our Lord and didn’t let it get to us. Imagine how much less stressful and how much happier we could be in our lives.

    I like to think that if we live with as much excitement and anticipation for going home to be with our Lord in Heaven as some of us have for this impending snowstorm or Christmas morning (or insert something that really excites you and energizes you), just imagine how happy, excited, and full of energy we would be every single day of our lives. How much easier it would be to get out of bed in the morning and really live! Imagine how that would change our lives and make this short time on earth a little more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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