February 5, 2019: Day 66 – Isaiah 62

Here is another description of the glories of the days to come.  This entire chapter is framed in the future as a foil for what is currently happening now in Israel with its captivity and its inability to claim its own land, well, as its own.  This is what the prophet Isaiah was experiencing.  If you look at vs.11 you will see the climax of this prophecy.  Salvation is coming and this salvation is found in the  Lord being able to call His people: "Holy people, The Redeemed of the Lord."  This is juxtaposed with what they want to be called which is: "Sought out, a city not forsaken."   So much of the identity of the people of Israel is tied in to the land and the region where they are living.  This is in part due to the fact that there is the belief that God resides on Mount Zion, or Jerusalem.  It may sound nonsensical that a belief system is built up around geography, but that is the case.  This could explain why there is so much tension and anger and war that takes place in that region of the world.  
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