February 4, 2019: Day 65 – Isaiah 61

This is the Scripture that Jesus reads when he is in his home synagogue in Nazareth.  You can read that in Luke 4:16 and following.  Read the whole thing through because what we find is that once Jesus reads this Isaiah Scripture we see that Jesus is run out of the synagogue and taken up to a hill where they were going to cast him over it, but he disappeared among them.  Wait, why did this happen?  If you follow along you will see that he speaks directly to the love of God who does not only love the chosen ones of Israel but even the foreign widow in Sidon and the foreign Syrian leper who was healed.  This was a radical concept for those who were there because this meant that the doors of salvation were open to all, and well, they didn't want that.  This God is only for us. Below you will find a picture that  shows supposedly the hill where they took Jesus and Nazareth is in the background.  Kind of cool to be able to go there and see these places.   IMG_1052 Some of my favorite verses are also seen in vs.10 and following as we read that we are to rejoice because has clothed us with salvation.  That is pretty special.  Here is a promise  that we can count on in vs.11: The Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring up before all the nations.
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