March 3, 2017: Day 62 – Psalm 62

I was absolutely captivated by the first two verses of this psalm.  I love the thought of my soul waiting in silence for God.  Waiting in silence for God…waiting…in silence…for God.  There is an interesting internal discussion that takes place here as the author begins with a testimonial describing who God is to him.  It is almost as if he is talking to himself, and then expands it out to those around him, who happen to be his enemies.  

He then goes back to this personal dialogue of talking to himself and asserting that his soul is waiting for God in silence.  It repeats and it allows us to be sucked into his thoughts that we should be waiting for God in silence.  But notice that in vs.1 he stresses that salvation comes from God.  In vs.5 he states that his hope is in Him.  He repeats but stresses different aspects of what it means that our soul waits on the Lord, in silence.  It means that we fully recognize that salvation comes from God.  It means that we completely embrace the hope that comes from him.  

Vss. 9-10 are interesting.  They seem a bit out of place as the author becomes Captain Obvious.  Put no confidence in extortion and set no vain hopes in robbery.  Not a piece of advice which I would think I would have to give to people everyday.  So I almost want to take those verses out and then focus in on the first 8 verses plus the verses which end this psalm.  Power belongs to God.   

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    Shane & Shane – Psalm 62

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