February 26, 2017: Day 57 – Psalm 57

You have to love the context of this psalm.  There are directions: if you happen to find this, it isn't junk so don't destroy it.  I really feel like the directions are more for the psalm itself than for any individual.  We are not receiving a directive to "do not destroy", but rather it is geared toward this psalm.  Keep this piece, it is special, even if I have spoken about this before. Yes, just like yesterday's psalm, this is a time when David was fleeing from Saul, and Saul went into a cave, right where David was, to relieve himself and David cut off a piece of his robe and showed it to him later.  I could have killed you, but I chose not to kill you.  It is psalm of protection where David asks God to have mercy on him.  The point of the psalm is that God does have mercy on him.  We know this because of the ending.  Look after the Selah at vs.7 when the psalm becomes decidedly upbeat.  Praise the Lord!   From vs.7 following we find David praising God unabashedly for the entirety of the psalm.  So, when we face times that we know are going to be difficult and then we receive an unexpected deliverance, I hope we can't help but praise the Lord.  People, we ought to be post vs.7 people.  We know that God has delivered us even if we are still in the cave waiting for King Saul to finish relieving himself so that we can show him that we had cut off a hem of his robe and not harmed him.  God has delivered us and given us salvation.  What more do we need in order to have a post vs.7 life?  I love that phrase.  We need to be post vs.7 Christians.  Let's make that our theme.
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