February 25, 2017: Day 56 – Psalm 56

Have  you ever had a life experience which is impossible to forget and it has shaped so much of who you are today?  That certainly happened to David.  The time that he was in Gath was one of those experiences.  Remember when we mentioned in Psalm 34 when he was before Abimelech and pretended that he was crazy?  The context is I Samuel 21:10 and really all of I Samuel 20.  Oh, hey, I'm sorry about writing this today and not posting it yesterday.  It doesn't happen often, but this is now twice in 56 days, that's surprising. Look at vs.8 and it does seem a bit out of context unless you are the person below. But David can't seem to forget that experience in Gath and it has shaped his words in that he speaks about his enemies and asks God, again, to take care of them in a not so nice way.  But at least he ends the Psalm on a nice note as he looks forward to being able to walk in the light of God which will provide him life.
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