February 21, 2019: Day 82 – Daniel 12

From the beginning of the beginning people have been trying to discern when the end of time will be, because we all assume that there has to be an end of time.  The Bible speaks of the end of time, and sometimes even adds some tidbits to spice up the curiosity factor by giving us details which has allowed some people to point to events that are happening in the world and track down the timeline to the end of time.  That is not what it is meant to be.   We should all be satisfied hearing the words that Daniel heard as the last verse to this book of the Bible as the man in the Scripture said to him: "But you, go your way, and rest; you shall rise for your reward at the end of the days."  We should all go away knowing that we have with certainty the reward that is reserved for us at the end of days.   It is interesting that this is the only clear reference in the entire Old Testament to a resurrection, a final judgment, and an afterlife.  There is a direct link to this Scripture and what we read in Revelation.  Well, we did it, we finished Daniel.  Obadiah is next, just a short little single chapter, and then we finish this challenge with Micah.
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