February 2, 2019: Day 63 – Isaiah 59

We have a picture here of the Lord going into battle against those who would withdraw justice from those who are in the most need.  You see a description of those who are evil as spiders who weave their web in such a way that iniquity is sure to follow.  It is very descriptive and not very flattering to those that it describes.  But who are "they" that the Lord is describing here?  We would never assume that the description matches our actions or our thoughts and are probably pretty quick to point out certain people that it describes who just might be people that we are not all that crazy about.  But notice that the prophet describes the people as "we".  If you look at vs.9 and following you will see that description as we grope and wander around as those without sight and those without a rudder or a compass.   In vs. 15 we read that the Lord sees our actions and that the Lord is fundamentally displeased.  We will be repaid according to our deeds.  Wait, I mean, we are saved by grace through faith.  The former is the Prophet Isaiah, the latter is the Apostle Paul.  I'll take the latter. Then we finish this section off with vs.21 where we read that the covenant of the Lord is upon us and that the Spirit of the Lord is upon us.  The words of the Lord which have been put on our mouths will not depart from either us or our children.  Wouldn't that be awesome if we could implant the Words of the Lord upon our children?  That would be amazing if we could find a gene that matched the teachings of God and make sure that our children had that as part of their DNA.  Yeah, that isn't going to happen, so the next best thing is to rely upon this promise in Isaiah that the Lord has promised good to us and that His Word will be a part of our makeup.  
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