February 2, 2018: Day 39 – Genesis 39

The ongoing theme in the story of Joseph is that whatever is in his care, prospers.  We find that happen within the house of Potiphar, to the point where his wife wants to spend some quality time with Joseph.  But all throughout the story of Joseph we see that he always makes the correct decision.  It seems like a lot of time has passed since we saw this uppity teenager.  Now, instead, we find someone who is very mature.  In fact, he is so mature that each person leaves all of their worries and their work to him and he does it.  Potiphar leaves all that he has to Joseph to care for it, as does the jailer.  So the cycle of trust begins again, but this time with Joseph in prison.  

I hope you are able to see how the Lord is directing and guiding Joseph’s life.  It was important for Joseph to be in Potiphar’s house in order to learn certain things.  Even if it did lead to him to be in prison, that time was important.  The same is going to be true for Joseph in prison.  It is important for him to spend that time in prison.  He has to learn something from this time in prison.  This next chapter hopefully we will see what he learns.  

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