February 2, 2017: Day 33 – Psalm 33

We once again find a reference to God creating with His Word.  But this time the psalmist includes the fact that the breath of God was also involved.  You can see that in vs.6.  So, whether you are aware of it or not, vs.6 contains the entire Trinity.  We saw previously that when we talk about the Word, we are talking about the Son in the Trinity.  We know this because of John 1 where Jesus is referred to as the Word.  Then, when we read about the breath of God it is in Hebrew the word ruach.  Ruach is a word that means breath, air, or spirit.  That’s right, spirit is also mentioned in vs.6.  We find then the presence of the Holy Spirit also in this verse.  So our theological dogma that God is manifested in trinitarian presence is supported by this psalm.  

This psalm is without a doubt one of thanksgiving.  But it is also a kingly psalm where we read that the presence of the Lord is unmistakeable and unshakeable.  It is important to know that God remains enthroned even while around us it seems as if we don’t know who is in power.  This is important because one can easily lose hope and think that God has decided to leave us up to our own doings without being involved in anything at all.  This psalm says no, He remains enthroned and actively involved in all that happens on this earth and in our lives.  That’s nice to know.

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  1. Kathy Eisenhauer says:

    “The presence of the Lord is unmistakeable and unshakeable.” That is a great feeling to have as we live each day and even each moment.

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