February 11, 2019: Day 72 – Daniel 2

I take a lot of stock in dreams.  Now, I don't profess to be able to interpret them or to understand how God is working behind the scenes with them, but I do believe that God is able to manifest Himself in these dreams, and that often dreams contain information that we would be better off if we didn't skip.  Think of the many times in the Bible where dreams are a part of the narrative.  You have Jacob who sees a ladder leading to heaven in a dream.  You have dreams that change names, you have Peter and his pigs in a blanket dream and the list goes on.   In this chapter we have the king at the time who has a repeated dream that is absolutely creating a lot of anxiety.  I used to have a dream about a monkey on a music box who would constantly chase me, it was a repeating dream, it was terrible.  But the king wanted to know the interpretation of the dream and since he wasn't getting a whole lot of sleep he comes up with an edict, a decree, that if the wise men of the land aren't able to say what the dream is and then interpret it then they would all be killed.  He put the wheels into motion and it gets to Daniel. What we see repeated in this book of the Bible is that whenever Daniel is faced with an impossible situation, such as this one, then he goes to God to ask for an intervention that would be miraculous.  He does this again, because how is someone supposed to guess what the king is dreaming?  God provides the dream to Daniel, he interprets it and the king worships Daniel as a result.  He gives Daniel all that he wants.  Daniel thinks about his friends and puts them in charge over various provinces of Babylon and he stays in the kings court.  
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