eNews – April 4, 2018

Dear FPC family and friends,

  He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!  What a celebration we had for Holy Week.  From Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday to Good Friday and then with the culmination of Easter Sunday, it was a tremendous time of reflection, celebration, grief, hope, and incredible motivation to embrace the kingdom of God which our Savior Jesus Christ has laid out before us.  I’m not sure if it was the weather, but we had record attendance at Easter that we haven’t seen since 2007.  With 350 in attendance between the two services at Easter it absolutely felt like Jesus was alive!

            While that is exciting and points to a season of growth here at FPC, it has been equally exciting to see 300 in church on Palm Sunday, 175 children at our Easter Egg Hunt, and our space being stretched to the limit with children and adults alike.  Numbers speak volumes, but relationships create a lasting family that is able to serve and worship with a unified purpose.  We have been speaking a lot about worship lately and I have always said that it is from worship that all things in the church emanate.  All of our programs are important, but worship is primary.

            What we are witnessing over these past two months is a pretty marked increase in worship, especially with young couples and families with children.  As a result we are seeing consistently over 20 children in our children’s church and our nursery.  That is amazing…, but it takes people to help this growth be sustainable and to take us from strength to strength.  Session will be discussing issues of space since the nursery is quickly becoming limited with the amount of babies and children that are in there along with the helpers.

            So in a sense this is a bit of a plea to all of you who might be able to help us and volunteer with Children’s Church and with the nursery.  Beth Feiler bfeiler@straspres.org and Amy Stauffer astauffer@straspres.org are our contact people for both of those ministries respectively.  I’m guessing there are quite a few of you who are sitting in the pews wondering what your place in this church might be.  I’m guessing there might be quite a few of you in the pews wondering how you can dip your foot into getting involved in the church and this would be a great opportunity.  We do need your help.

             Two Sundays ago the youth going on the Italy Mission trip went to a low ropes course at Black Rock.  There is one exercise where everyone is blindfolded within a rope boundary.  The instructor tells the participants that they are in a maze.  You are required to always hold onto the rope and if you have any questions or if you need any help you are to raise your hand and ask for help.  The catch is that it is not a maze, it is a circle, and the only way out of the maze/circle is to raise your hand and ask for help.  When you are blindfolded you think you can solve the maze, not knowing it is a circle.  It is an incredible way to see how people react when nothing makes sense and how difficult it is for us to actually ask for help.  I was on the bottom of the totem pole when I first did this, I did not want to ask for help, I was going to figure it out.  But there is something liberating when you ask for help.  People are actually able to help you, and you are able to recognize your own limitations.  All of this is incredibly beneficial for us as individuals, and for us as a community.  So, we need help!

            He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Bob


90 Day Challenge!  Beginning on April 15 we will be starting back up another 90 Day Challenge.  We have already made our way through the New Testament and a few books in the Old Testament.  This Challenge will continue our journey in the Old Testament as we read together Exodus, Leviticus, Ezra and Nehemiah.  Won’t you join us as we read a chapter each day starting on April 15.  Also, look for the daily blog that I post at www.straspres.org.





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