eNews – June 21, 2017

Dear friends and family,

The summer months tend to be a time in the year when the pace seems to slow down in the life of the church.  There are no preparations for special seasons or liturgical events that take planning and focus.  But somehow the summer life of First Presbyterian takes on, well, a life of its own.  My guess is that over the summer many of you may lose touch with what is happening on a daily basis around the church.  Below you will find some of the events that are taking place, many of which may surprise you.

            The youth are gearing up for their summer mission trips.  The senior high youth is sending 12 people to Jacksonville Florida to work with Presbyterian Social Ministries from July 9-17.  Keep in your prayers: Brett Foote, Tess Miller, Ivy McComsey, Becca Herr, Zach Bernhardt, Owen and Grace Hess, Kristen Mast, Morgan Murphy, Greta Bennett, Tyler Shoemaker and me.  They will be doing outreach ministry within the city of Jacksonville and then one day will go to Palatka, Florida and be the centerpiece for their unity day which focuses on racial reconciliation.  We will be pairing up with Great Lakes Presbyterian Church in Houston who will be meeting us in Jacksonville.
The Junior High Youth will be sending 7 people to Broadstreet Ministries in center city Philadelphia to work with outreach from August 6-10.  Pray for Brett Foote, Tess Miller, Emily Loraw, Katie and Julia Barge, Shawn Murphy, and me.  They will be spending these days in the city working in a variety of social ministries which will allow them to see God at work through all sorts of different people.
Did you know that we currently have two committees each searching for a staff person?  We are looking for both a full-time director of student and young adult ministries and a part-time director of children’s ministry.  Both of the committees have interviewed and are in the process of making decisions.  Please keep them in your prayers as they discern God’s will for First Presbyterian.  Pray for those on the youth committee who are searching: Dave Rineer, Jerry Paparo, Liz McVey, AJ Petrokonis, Phil Geiger, and me.  Pray for the children’s committee: Wendy Hess, Sandy Wenger, Danielle Marsh, Joyce Potter, Dan Colvin, and me.
A number of months ago the session heard the concern of many in the congregation who felt intimidated by people riding bikes, skateboards, and scooters in the parking lot.  Session had formed a committee to look into how do we minister to all members of our community while at the same time have all who come to church feel safe and welcomed.  As a result session embraced the plan of the ad-hoc committee to inaugurate a bike rack which will serve as the depository for bicycles, scooters and skateboards for those coming into the parking lot.  On June 11 a pizza party was held and we had representation from the youth of the community as well as Officer Drane and members of the church committee.  They all cut the ribbon symbolically signaling a new era in FPC welcoming all people while at the same time respecting all people.
Did you know that we welcomed Tess Miller as a summer intern to work with our youth?  Tess is a student at Lancaster Bible College and has been working with our youth for a number of years now.  It is great to have her on board as she grows in her knowledge of the Lord and youth ministry.  This internship will provide her with credits for school and it provides us with a great worker to be around the church for a number of hours.
Did you know that Brett’s last Sunday with us is this Sunday?  That’s right, on Sunday, June 25, Brett will be worshipping with us for the last time as he takes on preaching responsibilities at Trinity United Methodist Church in Spotswood, NJ.  This Sunday, June 25, we will be having a basket for Brett where you will be able to provide cards and any other tokens of your appreciation for his 3 and a half years here at First Presbyterian as our director of youth and young adults.  You will find the basket set up in Fellowship Hall during coffee hour.  Now even though he is leaving he is still our responsibility as he is an Inquirer for the Presbyterian Church (USA) through First Presbyterian.
So you see, a lot is happening in the life of FPC over the summer.  Wait, did I mention Vacation Bible School?  Our church will be transformed for VBS which will take place from July 23-28.  Volunteers are much welcomed!  We will be going on a Cave Quest this year and the sanctuary will be overhauled in order to reflect that theme during those days.  Come and be a part.  Whew, there is a lot going on.

Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Bob


3rd annual church-wide picnic:
On August 27 we will be having our 3rd annual church-wide picnic after worship service at the Tinney Pavilion.

One worship service on July 30 at 9am.






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