December 13, 2019: Day 90 – Malachi 4

The last verse of this chapter, and the last verse of this challenge, is one that I want to look at a bit.  It states: He will turn the hearts of parents to their children... Normally when we speak about this topic it is reversed, it is that the hearts of children are turned to their parents, but no, not here.  It is the opposite, that parents will take the time, will focus upon their children and see their children as the reason for why, in many ways, we pursue what we do.

It is fascinating that in this time in my life when the kids are no longer in high school so we aren't directly involved in all of their decision making, that there is a definite void.  But it is a pleasant void.  It is one where you know that the children are launched and you hope and pray that you have set the foundation and prepared the ground in such a way that they are able to make those decisions in a way that would reflect positively on their future.

Turning a parent's heart to their children must involve recognizing that every single thing that you do is seen and understood by your child through a prism that you may not understand so you better be consistent and you better be doing things in public and behind closed doors that are pleasing to the Lord.  That doesn't always happen.  Kids notice it when those things don't always happen.

Thank you for going on this journey with us.  We will have another 90 Day Challenge coming up in the near future.  Keep your eyes open, your hearts open, and your hands working for God's kingdom in our midst.

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