Coming December 2 – 90 Day Challenge vi

Dear FPC family and friends and journeyers along the 90 Day Challenge road,   We continue to move forward in our study.  It is hard to believe that we find ourselves in the 6th of these challenges, while also having studied two others along the way.  We will begin this study on the first Sunday in Advent, December 2, and end it on March 1.  We will be looking at the following books of the Bible: Jonah, Isaiah, Daniel, Obadiah, and Micah.  I am especially excited to make our way through Isaiah as we begin our Advent Season as it speaks to the coming of our Messiah, whom we call Jesus the Christ.   Advent is a season which prepares us for the second coming of Jesus.  This second coming we anticipate because it will bring to completion and fruition all of the promises that we read in Scripture.  There will be a new heaven and a new earth, there will be no more weeping and crying, there will be peace over all the earth, there will be celebration and joy spread throughout the planet.  We could do with some of that.   Remember to follow along online with the daily blog at   Your servant in Christ, Pastor Bob   Pieter_Lastman_-_Jonah_and_the_Whale_-_Google_Art_Project
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  1. Kathleen Barge says:

    Looking forward to starting again. This has become an important part of my daily devotions.

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