August 27, 2018: Day 16 – Job 16

The key to this response by Job to his friend is vs.17 where he states: "though there is no violence in my hands, and my prayer is pure."  He once again states his innocence even while his friends are telling him to admit his fault and God would remove His wrath.  No, Job says, that is not the case.  He tells his friends that he could say the words that he wants them to say, but they would not produce the result that they would want, except for providing them some instant gratification that they got Job to do what they wanted him to do. It is interesting in vs.7 that one of his complaints is that God has made his company one of the worst aspects of this whole living thing right now.  He goes on and states that God has given Job up to the ungodly and was cast into the hands of the wicked.  I am pretty sure that Job is speaking about his friends here.  What a group of "friends".  He continues to complain about them.  Probably time to switch them out at this point.
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  1. Kathy Eisenhauer says:

    I can understand Job’s feeling that God has thrown him under the bus. But when it says in verse 17 “I was never cruel to anyone, and my prayers are pure. 18 “Earth, don’t hide the wrong things that were done to me. Don’t let my begging for fairness be stopped. 19 Even now there is someone in heaven who will speak for me. There is someone above who will testify for me” . . . . . . . This tells me he still believes in God. Still has faith that God will still pull him through. When things happen to us that feel very hopeless, it is difficult to still hold on to the thought that God will pull us through. What is happening to Job I feel was for OUR benefit. To teach us, to help us understand that no matter what, God’s bigger plan is always for GOOD. He used Job to teach US. It feels like that was the plan after all. It was for our good that Job’s situation was allowed.

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