August 13, 2016: Day 76 – Galatians 3

Every now and then there is a verse in the Bible that I come across and it reminds us of how powerful Scripture is.  Galatians 3:28 is one of those verses that I keep going back to in order to be reminded of God’s love for all of humanity.  It is also one of those verses that I keep going back to in order to prove a point for those who just might want to limit who is able to perform God’s work for His kingdom.  In Christ there is “no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female…”  Did you hear that?  There is no longer male and female.  God is able to use all of us in order to bring about His kingdom.  I go back to this verse often in order to prove this point, and it isn’t just proof texting.  It is a consistent Scripture which reminds us of God’s presence in all of our lives.

Paul’s tone remains reproving, he calls out the Galatians for that which they had slipped in the previous chapters.  Don’t make people become Jewish before they come into the church.  We settled that argument in Jerusalem.  We can’t think that Jesus came and died for our sins just for the sake of us having to redo his whole work by continuing to be under the law.  A faith in Jesus is sufficient for all of us, just as Jesus’ grace is sufficient for all of us.  Remember when Paul says this in II Corinthians 2:19.  It wasn’t that long ago when we were reminded that it is not about following the rules, it is about following Jesus.  Paul keeps going back to that point time after time after time.  I like that point.

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