August 1, 2016: Day 64 – II Corinthians 4

For some reason this song came to my mind as I was reading this chapter.  About 15 years ago on a youth retreat that I helped lead in Florida I first heard this song.  I think we did a retreat on the Rolling Stones and chose one of their songs each day as our theme and found Scripture that related to that theme.  But this song was a part of those few days as well.  Okay, back to the Scripture.

The catch phrase for this Scripture is found in vs.7 where Paul states that we have this treasure in clay jars.  For clarification we are the clay jars.  We are those very fragile structures that God chooses to  use to carry out His work.  These jars are porous and awkward and easily tipped over and don’t last for very long.  That is who we are.  But Paul says that God still chooses to use us.  It is the best He has.  He goes on to state how he was afflicted and persecuted and all of that was for the sake of the church so that they might be strengthened.  

There are two beautiful verses in 11 and 12 where Paul states that he and his workers are getting closer and closer to death but this is for the sake of the church as it gets closer and closer to life and life eternal.  What a great verse as he explains how much he loves the church as he recognizes the sacrifice that he is under without throwing it in their face.  

In vs.16 he states that he does not lose heart even though he fully realizes that his body is taking a beating and that each day brings him closer to death.  But inside, in his relationship with Jesus, he is getting closer and closer to God.  This makes it all worthwhile.  As Paul states: this slight momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all measure.  Again, as yesterday.  Praise be to God!

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