April 3, 2017: Day 93 – Psalm 93

This is another royal psalm which makes reference to the king, and all in a positive light.  Isn’t that something refreshing.  Can you imagine if everyone who lived in the US spoke highly of Obama or Trump.  Yeah, neither can I.  Now, I’m not saying that we should, but I am saying that this psalm speaks highly of the ruler and it is refreshing to hear that in this day and age.

But unless you be caught off guard, do you see who the king is?  The king is not identified as David, or Solomon or even Saul.  The king is identified as the Lord.  It is the Lord who made the heavens and the earth.  Here is a great video that speaks about how the Lord is…well, the Lord.  Creator of all things.  Sit through this video, and I think you will like it, I like it.  

It is interesting to note that we find a lot of references to the waters and the deep in the Bible.  The Israelites were not crazy about water.  They were not a seafaring civilization.  In fact, throughout Scripture we find water and the deep seas referenced and it is almost always in a negative light.  In fact, it is from the deep seas where we find the source of evil according to the Israelites.  

We find that with Noah and his time in the ark.  We find that with Jonah and the whale.  There are all sorts of different references and none of them are positive.  You don’t hear about too many times in the bible, except for Jonah, where the sea is involved.  Yes, I know, Jesus walking on water.  But that is really a lake more than anything.  If you have ever been to the Sea of Galilee you know what it looks like.  But Israel also has the ocean running up and down its west coast.  

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2 Responses to April 3, 2017: Day 93 – Psalm 93

  1. carol r says:

    Loved it, awesome and uplifting.Thank you.

  2. Alice E. says:

    WOW, Just listened to this with the thunder and rain outside.

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