April 16, 2017: Day 106 – Psalm 106

First of all, Happy Easter!  What a celebration we had to honor the resurrection and recognize the significance of it.  This Psalm starts off so well.  It starts off with a well known call and response as we hear Give thanks to the Lord.  And then the response, for his steadfast love endures forever.  But then the psalmist launches into the historical unfaithfulness of Israel from the time that they grumbled in the wilderness to the time that they forsook the covenant they made with God.  It is pretty much all bad news from after the first verse until we get to verse 47 and 48.

The ending of this psalm reminds us that God continues to deserve our honor and praise even if we have messed up so much that he has every right to withdraw his grace and mercy from us.  We can still say “Praise the Lord” even after a recounting of all the events that took place.

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  1. Kathy Eisenhauer says:

    I don’t know what others say about their “supposed gods”, but isn’t it wonderful that our God loves us so much that he sticks with us no matter where we go in life. He NEVER gives up on us. He will NEVER leave us. We can ALWAYS depend on his faithfulness. As pastor said “Praise the Lord”.

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